Masonry Js

We then added a second plant in 1998 just south of Fort Mill in Indian Land. Make sure you have jQuery library and Bootstrap framework installed in the webpage. Masonry should be updated to version 3. First we enqueue jQuery and call the Masonry JS script in the theme’s header. The problem is that some items are hanging on the right side at the end of the list. I wrapped the masonry init code in jQuery to take advantage of its document. Ex: we have created masonry. See masonry. Working with masonry. I'm using masonry for my site - works fine. There's not really a reason to use masonry here. Another popular JavaScript solution for achieving the same type of layout is Wookmark. We’ll try to recreate my Latest Links area where all elements have the same width. Business Description: Premier Masonry Restoration is a local, family owned and operated business. ready ability. Though I did notice that during the first load, the images get stacked on top of one another but on succeeding page loads, it works fine. Also I removed the deprecated package jquery. The trade of a mason. For images used in this tutorial visit